Fire Safety Notice: -Combustible Buildings

Sticker pvc 

Size  8 Inch x 5.5 Inch 

HPD required sign: YES

Fire Department required sign:YES

 DOB Required Sign: YES

DOT Required Sign: NO (See Law and regulations)

DSNY Required Sign: NO (See Law and regulations)

REQUIRED SIGNS for RESTAURANTS & BARS - N/A (See Law and regulations)

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Installation of this "FIRE SAFETY NOTICE" sign is required by NYC HPD. The fire safety sign and notice has to be installed on the inside side of the door of each apartment. It is designed so as to be suitable for Combustible Buildings. The sign is also required by NYC Fire Department and DOB.

For More Information read Local law 10 and DOB rules and regulation.  

This this fire safety notice is design to be installed on inside door apartment to inform the occupant about the fire safety plan in case of emergency. This sign is  PVC sticker 

Fire Safety Notice: Combustible Buildings                         

Fire Safety Notice: Non-Combustible Buildings  

Posting Location:

The sign size need to be 8.5x5.5 from aluminum material to prevent melting in case of fire. the sign must be posted on the inside entrance door of the rental unit.

 The FDNY Fire Safety Guides and Notices

What is NYC Fire Safety Notice?

The Fire Safety Notices are Aluminum signs affixed to residents’ doors as reference in case of emergency. It is recommended to have them from aluminum as PVC sign might melt in case of fire in the Hallway. There are Notices for Combustible buildings and Non-Combustible buildings.

What is a Fire Safety Guide?

Fire Safety Guides Part I and II are components of the Annual Safety Notice Mailing requirement for multifamily residential properties.

Fire Safety Guide Part I includes building-specific information regarding construction, egress, and more. Part II includes fire safety emergency information. Click here to view FDNY samples of both parts.

What is the HPD annual safety notice mailings?

The Annual safety notice mailings are a requirement notices design to be sent to residential multifamily properties in New York City. The owners/managers are required to send out notices to each unit comprised of two components:

1) a response card requesting resident information for lead paint inspections and window guard requirements, and

2) a building-specific fire safety plan and general fire safety information.

3) Windows Guard



Effective in 2000, every residential building -- including cooperatives and condominiums -- must prepare a fire safety plan, following a model prepared by the Fire Department. This plan must be distributed annually to all the occupants and service employees of the building either during the first week of October, which is Fire Safety Month or with the window guard notice in January. The plan must also be distributed to every new building occupant and every new building employee. It must be revised and redistributed within 60 days of any material change in building conditions affecting it. Records of distribution must be maintained; acceptable documentation includes a U.S Postal Service certificate of mailing or, for hand delivery, dated and signed receipts. The Fire Department may inspect these building records at any time and should be presented with copies of the last five annual fire safety plans.


The fire safety plan shall consist of two sections: a building information section and a fire emergency information section. The Fire Department has provided a complete text for the fire emergency information section with variations for combustible and non-combustible (fireproof) buildings. These include Emergency Fire Safety and Evacuation Instructions presented on page 11. The building information section shall include:


A) The address of the premises (a separate fire safety plan shall be prepared for each building or space, except for buildings or spaces that have common means of egress)

B) The name of the building owner and the name and address of the building owner's representative.

C) The number of floors in the building and any below ground levels.

D) The year the building was constructed.

E) Whether the building is of combustible or non-combustible construction.

F) Whether the space is equipped with sprinklers.

G) Whether the space is equipped with a fire alarm system.

H) Whether the space is equipped with a public address system.

I) All means of egress from the building and their general location.

J) The date the fire safety plan was prepared.



The fire safety notice shall serve to inform building occupants, service employees, and visitors about procedures to be followed in the event of fire in the building. Fire safety notices must also be prepared, posted in a conspicuous location near any common mailbox area or near the elevators or main stairwell and distributed to every apartment. These notices must Aluminum sign  or framed under a clear plexiglass cover to protect them from wear and tear.


A fire safety notice describes evacuation procedures to be followed in the event of fire. The sign size need to be 8.5x5.5 from aluminum material to prevent melting in case of fire. the sign must be posted on the inside entrance door of the rental unit. the fire department issue two version of signs as describe above. tenant and occupied are required by law to give access to landlord to post this notice on the inside door. door  

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