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    Size 2 inch x 8 inch

    Sign letters color: WHITE

    Sign background color: RED

    Sign Type: Wall Mounted

    HPD Required sign: NO (See Law and regulations)

    DOB NYC Required sign: NO (See Law and regulations)

    Fire Department required sign: YES (See Law and regulations)

    REQUIRED SIGNS for RESTAURANTS & BARS - N/A (See Law and regulations)

    DOT Required Sign: NO (See Law and regulations)

    DSNY Required Sign: NO (See Law and regulations)

    Sign Group: Fire Department Signs, Fire Department Automatic Sprinkler Connection Signs, Sprinkler FDC Signs, Sprinkler Signs, Sprinkler Fire Department Connection Signs, Automatic Sprinkler Signs, FIRE DAMPER Signs

    Automatic Sprinkler

    An Automatic sprinkler activate itself in event of fire When one or more of the automatic sprinkler heads is triggered and water will discharge. Wet sprinkler systems are the most common type of sprinkler system installed. A wet pipe system has water in the pipes in the ambient or normal condition and has heat responsive elements on all sprinklers. Thus, water is instantaneously discharged from a sprinkler when it actuates.


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    The requirements for sign content are determined by intended use and by applicable regulation. The BUYER is responsible for determining the appropriate content for a sign or package of signs. HPDSigns.com makes no warranty or representation of suitability of a sign for any specific application. IT IS THE CUSTOMER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THAT THE SIGNS THE CUSTOMER ORDERS ARE IN COMPLIANCE WITH ALL STATE, FEDERAL, LOCAL, AND MUNICIPAL LAWS. Please review terms and conditions prior to purchase. 

    We provide both signs required by city and state regulation and Fire Department Signs , Automatic Sprinkler FDC Signs , Sprinkler FDC Signs , Sprinkler Signs , Auto Sprinkler FDC Signs , and Sprinkler Fire DAMPER Signs

    For more information about what is required, see the laws that are referenced and the rules applicable to your city and state. This page is for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal advice, professional advice or a statement of law. You may wish to consult with an attorney.


    THE OFFICIAL DOB SIGN NYC – DOBsigns.NYC will provide you with all DOB required signs, NYC Building required signs, HPD required signs and NYC Fire Department and Department of Transportation (DOT) signage. We offer a wide range of construction job site signs made mandatory by NYC building department. We are the biggest provider of building and management signs,  aluminum signs to install in buildings with proper HPD designation, and Fire Department Signs, Reflective Signs, Auto Sprinkler Signs, Red Background Signs, Sprinkler FDC Signs, Sprinkler Signs, required building  signs, Sprinkler Fire Department Connection Signs, Automatic Sprinkler Signs, FDC Sprinkler Automatic Signs, as well as FIRE DAMPER SIGNs, and signs that one can post/use to label Fire Department Connection & inform owner/tenant/officers of automatic sprinkler FIRE DEPARTMENT CONNECTION in facility with proper HPD designation

    This is a “FIRE DAMPER” SIGN for quick and easy installation. In NYC use/ post sign to inform tenants/owners/guests/officers/Fire Department Crew of designated fire damper in facility with proper HPD designation and aluminum signs