• DOB NYC COVID19 SIGNAGE (12" x 18", Corrugated Plastic)-dob sign

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    DOB COVID19 SIGNAGE (12" x 18", Corrugated Plastic)-DOB SIGN

    Size 12X18 iNCH

    Material: Corrugated Plastic
    Type: Wall mounted 

    ** The sign design to follow NYC DOB covid 19 rules as per letter provided by dob enclosed **

    This is sign is design to be install in a construction site to inform all guest and workers the rules while we are in the covid19 epidemic.

    DOB covid19 signage frequently asked questions and answers

    1)       My construction work was deemed non-essential. With the entering of Phase I can I continue work? Yes, beginning June 8, 2020 work can continue on all permitted sites, including those that were previously deemed non-essential.

    2)       Do I need to submit any documentation or notification before reopening? Do I need to notify the DOB?  Before reopening you need to create a Safety Plan and submit an affirmation to the State. You do not need to notify the DOB.

    3)      Where can I receive more information on creating a Safety Plan and submitting an affirmation to the State? A3. For further information, please visit the State’s website at https://www.governor.ny.gov/sites/governor.ny.gov/files/atoms/files/ConstructionMasterGuidance.pdf.

    4)      Are all employers on a given construction site required to have their Safety Plan and affirmation posted conspicuously and available for inspection?  Yes. All employers are responsible for having a Safety Plan with affirmation posted conspicuously and available for inspection. The affirmation can include a printout of the confirmation that the affirmation was submitted. General contractors or other permit holders can reference subcontractors in their Safety Plans if they so choose.

    5)      Where are Safety Plans to be posted? Safety Plans should be posted at all points of egress from the construction site.

    6)      What if I’m a contractor performing work that doesn’t require a permit (e.g. reroofing), do I need a safety plan? Yes, as an employer in the construction industry intending to resume work you need to have read and submitted an affirmation that you understand your obligation to operate in accordance with NYS DOH interim construction guidance. Additionally, you must have a safety plan for all of your actively working construction sites regardless of whether a permit from DOB is required. This FAQ document is provided in conjunction with Governor’s Order 202.34, Mayoral Order 123, any subsequent orders, and guidance from State DOH and DOB. It will be updated as appropriate and is subject to change.

    7)      What signs do I need for my site ?

            COVID-19 detail poster ( Social Distance Poster, Wash Your Hands Poster for Adults)

            hand hygiene station covid 19+ rules

            Stop the Spread of Corona virus

            nyc business affirmation frame covid19

            site safety monitor frame dob

            safety Plan covid19 frame for construction site

            site coordinator contact information

            site cleaning log covid19 dob sign


    8)      As part of the Safety Plan, what should my screening log include? Screening logs must include a daily accounting of each employee and visitor, and a record of the answers to their screening questions having been reviewed. Keeping records of employee health data (e.g. temperature data) is prohibited. General contractors or other permit holders can reference subcontractors in their screening logs if they so choose.

    9)      For how long a period time are the Safety Plan and associated logs to be maintained and available for inspection? A9. The Safety Plan and associated logs should be maintained and available for inspection until such requirement is rescinded.

    10)  Are all workers and visitors to a site required to wear face coverings?  Yes, per Mayoral Emergency Executive Order 123 all workers and visitors to a site are required to wear face coverings appropriate to their task. For further guidance on appropriate face coverings, see the NYSDOH guidance and OSHA guidelines for personal protective equipment.

    11)  Are employers required to provide employees with face coverings? Yes, employees are required to provide their employees with face coverings. Having workers on a construction site without face coverings will result in the issuance of a violation to the employer.

    12)  Are hand washing facilities required or are hand sanitizing stations sufficient? Hand washing facilities should be used where available and practical. If not, hand sanitizing stations can be used. DOB encourages you to have enough hand washing and hand sanitizing facilities to allow for appropriate social distancing.

    13)  Are all tools required to be disinfected or only shared tools?  All equipment and tools must be regularly disinfected using registered disinfectants, including at least as often as workers change workstations or move to a new set of tools.

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