NYC Electronics Recycling Sign (White Aluminium) (ALUMINUM SIGNS 11x8.5)


NYC Electronics Recycling Sign ( White Aluminium ) (11 x 8.5)

NY State Law bans electronics from the garbage.

It’s illegal to set out these items for DSNY collection.


TV’s, Monitors, Computers, Laptops, Small servers, Printers/ scanners, Tablets/ e-readers, MP3 players, VCRs/ DVRs/ DVD players, Fax machines, Video game consoles, Satellite boxes, Mice, Keyboards

Size  11  Inch x 8.5 Inch 

Sign has mounting holes in each corner.

Round Corner:No

Sign Material: Aluminium

Sign Thickness is 0.023 of an inch

Sign Type: Wall Mounted

Sign letters color: Black

Sign background color: White 

HPD Required Sign: YES (See Law and regulations)

DOB NYC Required Sign: NO (See Law and regulations)

Fire Department Required Sign: YES (See Law and regulations)

REQUIRED SIGNS for RESTAURANTS & BARS - N/A (See Law and regulations)

DOT Required Sign: NO (See Law and regulations)

DSNY Required Sign: YES (See Law and regulations)


UPC: 602927412517

Sign Group: Property Management Signs, HPD Signs, DSNY Signs, Safety Signs, Recycle Signs, Safety Instruction Signs

This is a sturdy NYC RECYCLING SIGN - WHITE BACKGROUND WITH BLACK LETTERS (MATERIAL IS STURDY ALUMINUM; Size is 11'' x 8.5''). The thickness of the sign is 0.02''. The sign is made from ALUMINUM and is exceptionally sturdy. The sign is for indoor and outdoor use and is not only beautiful, but also long lasting.

This is an aluminum "ELECTRONICS RECYCLING NY STATE LAW BANS ELECTRONICS FROM THE GARBAGE" SIGN with WHITE BACKGROUND,BLACK LETTERS,size 11x8.5 & 4 holes for installation.Post sign to inform tenant/officer of certain items under DSNY Collection rules


Effective April 1, 2015, you can be fined $100 for placing electronics, such as computers and TVs, at the curb for disposal. See recycling options below.

UPDATE: A pilot program provides curbside collection of electronics for Staten Island residents, by appointment. Request a pickup


New York State Disposal Ban

The following items are banned from disposal in New York State. Manufacturers are required to provide free take-back programs:

Televisions (including cathode ray tubes)

Computer peripherals, including any permanently attached cable or wiring

Monitors, laptops

Electronic keyboards

Electronic mice and other pointing devices

Fax machines, document scanners, and printers that are meant for use with a computer and weigh less than 100 lbs.

TV peripherals, including any permanently attached cable or wiring


Digital video recorders

DVD players

Digital converter boxes

Cable or satellite receivers

Electronic or video game consoles

Small scale servers

Portable devices, including any permanently attached cable or wiring

Portable digital music players


NYC. NYC apartment buildings with 10 or more units can sign up with e-cycleNYC for free and convenient recycling collection service. Sign up for e-cycleNYC.

·         DSNY Drop-Off. Bring electronics to a SAFE Disposal Event or any DSNY Household Special Waste Drop-Off Site.

·         E-Waste Recycling Events. Bring electronics to an electronics recycling event, such as the Lower East Side Ecology Center events.

·         Donate. Goodwill accepts electronics other than large, old televisions. The Salvation Army accepts newer working electronics for donation, and non-working or older electronics for recycling. The Lower East Side Ecology Center's Gowanus E-Waste Warehouse accepts all electronics.

·         Take-Back. Recycle electronics through retailer programs. Best Buy accepts electronics, including tube TVs under 32" and flat-panel TVs under 50" (fees apply for TVs and monitors). Staples accepts electronics other than TVs. Most retailers will take your old TV or computer when they deliver your new one. Restrictions and fees may apply.

·         Mail-Back. Many brands offer free mail-back options. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation maintains a list of electronic equipment manufacturers registered in NYS. Or check your brand’s website. If a manufacturer refuses to recycle your electronics, report it to the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation online or call 1-800-TIPP DEC (1-800-847-7332).



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This is an aluminum “ELECTRONICS RECYCLING NY STATE LAW BANS ELECTRONICS FROM THE GARBAGE” SIGN with holes for HEAVY DUTY installation. In NYC use/post sign to inform tenants/owners/guests/officers of electronics recycling state law in facility with proper HPD designation and aluminum signs