• Self-adhesive Wall And Handrail Tape: High Performance Photoluminescent Tape. 40 feet x 1 inch width (2 pack of 1x20)


    Self-adhesive Wall And Handrail Tape: High Performance Photoluminescent Polyester Thin Tape. 40 feet x 1 inch width ( 2 pack of 1x20)


    Tape for Wall and Handrail

    Header Self-adhesive Wall And Handrail Tape

    Legend ed High Performance Photoluminescent Polyester Thin Tape

    Color:    Photoluminescent


    Product Description

    Highlight emergency routes and equipment with our photoluminescent Wall & Handrail Tape to reduce response time during an emergency.

    • Photoluminescent Tape fulfills the stringent requirements for Luminous Egress Path Markings.

    •  Self-adhesive tape to be used along the wall in low location as Wall-mounted Perimeter Demarcation Line to guide occupants out to safety.

    • Ideal on Handrails due to its thin performance and strong adhesive.

    • Tape ideal on exit door frames that require to be marked per building codes.

    • Well suited on Push Bars of exit doors that require to be marked per building codes.

    • The tape is available in four different many length a and different widths



    Clearly mark evacuation routes along stairwells, hallways and light switches.

    Glows for hours after 1 hour of light exposure.

    Laminated photoluminescent polyester film with acrylic adhesive.



    Photoluminescent Tapes:

    These "glow-in-the-dark" adhesive tapes are energized by a long-lived photo-luminescent mineral (strontium oxide aluminate) that is non-toxic & non-radioactive.  They charge fully with only 10 minutes exposure to light.  Any type of direct lighting will charge them.  Sunlight, halogen, xenon, full spectrum & fluorescent light works best.  Glow lifespan is measured to the point of bare visibility to the darkness-adapted eye, but may vary due to a) proximity to charging light source, b) angle of exposure to source, and c) brightness of source lamp.  Photoluminescent tapes can be recharged virtually an infinite number of times and last 20 years with only a 2% diminishment in luminescence.  Glow-in-the-dark tape can be used in areas such as egress/exit pathways, stairwells, evacuation corridors, emergency exits, as long as they are lit well enough to charge the tape.  Many municipal building codes now require photoluminescent markings on handrails in stairwells, across steps, and around exit doorways.  Glow-in-the-dark tape can be used for instruments, switches, controls; anything important to see when the lights go out.  Our tapes are all adhesive with a peel-off backing and should be applied to Smooth, clean, dry, oil-free surfaces that are above 50°F.  Tape thicknesses are shown with each description (note: 1 mil = 1/1000").

    These high-energy, long-life glow-in-the-dark tapes have outstanding photoluminescence. 

    Our Product brightness

    After 2 minutes in darkness is 690 mcd/lux/sq.m.

    After 10 minutes in darkness is 140 mcd/lux/sq.m.

    After 30 minutes in darkness is 45 mcd/lux/sq.m.

    After 60 minutes in darkness is 20 mcd/lux/sq.m.

    After 10 minutes in darkness is 140 mcd/lux/sq.m.

    Decay time ( to 0.32mcd/m2) 1800 Minutes

    The tape glowing all night with gradually diminishing brightness.  It is the brightest high quality photoluminecent tape. It is highly recomended for use on round hand railings in stairwells.  Our Tape is for emergency egress marking.  This tape is required by many state and federal building as well as in many residential and commercial building.  Please consult with architect for more information about the law in you county, city or state



    An Exit Path is properly marked if the path to safety is reliably and clearly identified and occupants can easily and quickly find their way to safety during anemergency evacuation.Exit Stairs, Handrails and Landings Marked with a Contrasting Stripe Across the Leading Edge of Every Stair (Stair Nosing). This is the Preferred Method suggested by the NFPA 101, Model Codes IBC and IFC, and Required by Many Local Building & Fire Codes.



    - Exit Doors into and out of the exit path

    - Intermediate Exit Doors inside the exit pathway



    - Door Frames

    - Door Hardware

    - Directional Markers to avoid confusion that will slow an evacuation

    - Stairs and Ramps to clearly and safely show beginning, course and end.

    - Handrails must be visible from the top and must show the course of the stairs

    - Landings to show the leading edge (step landing) and perimeter of the exit path

    - Obstacles to prevent injury during escape and to avoid slowing egress during an emergency

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