• Restrooms Sign- BLUE- BRAILLE (PLASTIC ADA SIGNS 9X6)- The deep Blue ADA line


    Restroom Sign 6x9


    SIZE:6 X 9 INCH 


    Sign is shipped ready-to-install with double sided tape on the back


    This Restroom Sign is made from PLASTIC and comes with two sided tape. A picture is worth a thousand words- see our images




    Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards ensure that everyone finds your building accessible. These standards extend to a variety of features in a building--including your signage. It is imperative that your signs are ADA compliant when necessary. This refers to making sure visually impaired occupants can read your sign, and the standards are very specific.


    What is Braille Pictogram Sign?

     Braille building interior signs are for the visually impaired and who read Braille, Our collection of ADA Braille pictogram signs that are designed to keep everyone safe and in compliant. We offer A variatey of  ada Braille Pictogram Signs and You can also choose a complete series to ensure that your business or building has a professional, uniform look.

    Our ADA Braille pictogram signs are easy to shop and in inventory click and buy is our believe. we like to make everything simple and with thousand of signs in there is NO production time !  

    The Standardized safety symbols have proven to be extremely valuable in accident prevention and personal protection. Pictograms are very useful when there is a possibility that people may not be able to read large amounts of text easily due to certain difficulties.  As such, Pictogram Signs help facilitate a quicker and more effective means of communicating safety messages.  This, then, results in far less accidents and a higher level of safety awareness.



    What kind of signs need to be ADA compliant?

    ADA signs are often found indoors or at the entrance of a building. If a sign identifies a permanent room or space, it must adhere to the guidelines. Adherence is also required for signs indicating exits, elevators, and restrooms--as well as signs that direct occupants or inform them about the accessible features of your building. ADA parking signs are the blue signs that indicate handicapped parking spaces.


    What does being ADA compliant mean?

    Because the main purpose of ADA signs is to identify accessible features and be readable for visually impaired occupants, they need to include clear visual characters as well as tactile characters. Tactile characters are either raised letters or braille. Simply including tactile characters isn’t enough. The visual letters also must adhere to certain standards--including the height and spacing of the characters. They need to be readable by occupants with low vision.


    General rules for ADA signs include:

    The background and characters must contrast (light on dark or dark on light) and.

    Visual characters must use an easy-to read font that is not italic, script, or otherwise unconventional and decorative.

    If the sign identifies a room, it must be adjacent to the door at the proper height

    The International Symbol of Access must be standard rather than stylish

    Proper ADA signage is required in order to obtain a certificate of occupancy for your building. Many business owners and landlords overlook this requirement because of their busy schedules, and they get an unwelcome surprise when the building inspector comes. All buildings need to be compliant, no matter what kind of business or establishment you have, so it’s important to work with a sign company that ensures your signs are ADA compliant




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    The requirements for sign content are determined by intended use and by applicable regulation. The BUYER is responsible for determining the appropriate content for a sign or package of signs. We make no warranty or representation of suitability of a sign for any specific application. IT IS THE CUSTOMER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THAT THE SIGNS THE CUSTOMER ORDERS ARE IN COMPLIANCE WITH ALL STATE, FEDERAL, LOCAL, AND MUNICIPAL LAWS. Please review terms and conditions prior to purchase. 


    For more information about what is required, see the laws that are referenced and the rules applicable to your city and state. This page is for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal advice , professional advice or a statement of law. You may wish to consult with an attorney.

    This is an plastic “RESTROOMS” sign WITH HEAVY DUTY DOUBLE SIDED TAPE for QUICK installation. In NYC use/post sign to inform customers/guests/officers of designated restroom in commercial facilities and establishments with proper HPD designation