• HPD Gas Leak Notice (HMC § 27-2005,§ 12-11)-black rock line


    HPD Gas Leak Notice (HMC § 27-2005,§ 12-11)-black

    Size: 10x12

    Material: Aluminum

    Backround color:Red


    Gas safety signage- We provide all gas safety signage for you gas meter room. We carry all gas safety signage in stock and ready to ship. The gas safety signage for example “Gas Shut off valve” design to identify the location to turn off the gas system  , furnace, boiler and many gas devices. The signs Emergency shut off gas design to identify the location of the valve that will turn off the machine in case of emergency.


    What is Emergency gas valve for?

    If a leak happens at a specific appliance, the valve allows you to turn off the natural gas at the appliance rather than shutting off all of your natural gas service. Some valves require a wrench to turn them.


    What is a gas Shut of valve and it is location?

    Houses with natural gas have a main shutoff valve located just before the gas meter. This valve, often called the street-side valve, is normally a rectangular nub (Photo 1). When the long side of the nub or handle is parallel to the incoming gas line, it’s open and the gas is flowing. When it’s turned a quarter turn, perpendicular to the incoming pipe, it’s closed.


    How do you turn off emergency gas?

    There is a shut-off valve located about 6"-8" above the ground. When the valve runs parallel to the pipe the gas is on, when it's set perpendicular to the pipe (like a plus sign) it is shut off. If you've determined your gas is on, turn the valve 90 degrees in either direction and it will shut off.


    The rule:

    Property owners of a dwelling are required to provide tenants with a notice regarding procedures that should be followed when a gas leak is suspected. The information must be provided by: delivering such notice to each tenant and prospective tenant of such dwelling (all tenant-occupied units, including 1- and 2- family homes) with the lease or lease renewal form for such tenant or prospective tenant AND posting and maintaining a notice in a common area of the building. The required format for the sign is described in Section 12-11 of Chapter 12 of Title 28 of the Rules of the City of New York. Section 12-12.1 of Chapter 12 of Title 28 of the Rules of the City of new York describes conditions under which a combined notice may be used, combining notice of suspected gas leak procedures with notice for smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. View Sample Notice - Suspected Gas Leak for suspected gas leak only or Sample Notice - Combined Notice for smoke detectors/carbon monoxide detectors and gas leak notice.

    Section of the Law: HMC § 27-2005 (Local Law 153 of 2016)


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